Open for business as usual

It’s business as usual for us but if you are in lockdown or know someone in lockdown with a birthday coming, we have Gift Vouchers available for Adventures or at a price you choose.

Or of coure, you can just book yourself an Adventure.

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Tank Rides - Rent a Tank - Show Events - Gifts

A collection of armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) for tank rides and viewing, ranging from WWII era to modern day vehicles and some under restoration.

Great for fathers or mothers day, bucks weekends, corporate outings and families.

South Gippsland Tank Adventures is located in the beautiful Strzelecki Ranges on a 400 acre farm surrounded by lush rainforest approximately 40 minutes drive from Welshpool and Toora.

A complete tank adventure experience you will never forget!

South Gippsland Tank Adventures Panther

Feel the Power

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South Gippsland Tank Adventures Panther