We currently have a total of eleven tanks for you to explore and ride in depending on which ones are operational on the day.

Vehicles in collection range from WW2 to modern day armoured fighting vehicles.

Jagdpanzer Kanone Tank

Jagdpanzer Kanone

1950’s/60’s 90mm tank hunter (Available for rides from 6 March 2022).

German post war design using MTU 8 cylinder diesel engine with a 90mm cannon based on World War II German tank destroyers such as the Stug 3s etc.

Stuart Tank - under restoration

M3A1 Stuart light tank

1940s era. 13.7 tonnes. 7 cyl radial engine. 250Hp (under restoration)

Valentine Tank

Valentine MK 111 / V

Infantry tank 1940s era. 17 tonnes. AEC engine. 131 HP (under restoration)

M3 Half Track Tank

Halftrack M3

Ex-Israeli army 1940s era. 9 tonnes. White 160AX 6 cyl engine. 143 HP

Staghound TE17 Tank

Staghound armoured car

1940s era. 12 tonnes. 2×6 cyl GMC 270s at 97 HP each

Bren gun carrier LP2 Tank

LP2 Brengun Carrier

1940s era. 4 tonnes. Ford V8 239 CI

M113 MRV Tank

MRV M113

1980 era. 15 tonnes. Detroit diesel. 270HP

FV 432 APC Tank

FV 432 APC

1970’s era. 15 tonne Rolls Royce B81 engine. 240HP

Saracen Tank

Saracen APC

1960s era. 10 tonnes. B80 Rolls Royce engine 170HP

Striker Tank


Self propelled anti tank guided weapon vehicle built in the 1980s. 8 tonnes. Jaguar J60 engine. 190Hp

Centurion Tank


Main battle tank built 1950. 52 tonnes. V12 meteor engine. 650HP